Natufoodies Green Peas Stick

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JAKIM Certified Halal, Certified MeSTI 

JAKIM Certified Halal, Certified MeSTI 

12+ months 

At Natufoodies, our promise to bake with only natural ingredients. Healthy finger food made just from green peas, brown rice & corn. We simply bake it so tasty, light & crispy. Melt-in-your-mouth green peas stick, encourage your little ones enjoy eating while learning to pick up & self-feed. 

What's so special about Natufoodies Green Peas Stick?

Special Features: 
• 100% Natural 
• No artificial colouring 
• No artificial flavouring 
• No preservative 
• Develop fine motor skill 
• Self-feed skill 
• Pick up skill 

Every Box With 5 packs of Green Peas Stick (10g each) 

Ingredients: Green peas, Corn grit, Sunflower oil, Brown rice, Sugar, Salt, Apple juice concentrate, Starch 

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