Eve Love Lily Breast Pump (Double Electric Breast Pump)

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Breastfeeding is nature’s health plan. It’s a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth. While there is no doubt that breastmilk is the ultimate food for babies, successful breastfeeding can be a challenge especially for working mothers.

Eve Love LILY Breastpump is our newest breakthrough. It liberates nursing mothers giving them freedom to pump discreetly anywhere and anytime. Using the two-phase expression technology, it resembles baby’s natural sucking rhythm, hence helps maintain good breastmilk supply. A pump that allow mothers to multitask while pumping, attractive and lightweight; the Eve Love LILY Breastpump is definitely a small investment that goes a long way throughout your breastfeeding journey.


Special Features:

1. Double Pumping: Stimulates higher Prolactin Level. Get more milk in less time!

2. Compact & Lightweight: Motor Less than 500g. Easy to carry around.

                                           Size of Motor is 6.7 inch length, 3 inch width, 1.7 inch height.

3. Dual-Phase Expression: Stimulation Phase followed by Expression Phase. Mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm.

4. Silicon Breastshields: For Maximum Comfort while pumping.

5. Various Suction Level (4 Levels): To Cater to mother's comfort during pumping and efficacy of emptying breasts.

6. Interesting feature with a FREQUENCY Mode Button which gives an instant increase of 30% in frequency (rate of suction & release cycle per minute) and suction power.

7. Built-in Anti-Backflow Mechanism in Motor using active-blow piston technology to prevent backflow and maintain hygeine.

    Additional external anti-backflow kit provided for mothers who need it.

    **Usage of external anti-backflow kit might decrease suction power up to 20% compared to without using anti-backflow kit**

8. LCD Screen Showing Light , Time & Suction Level.

9. Very Minimal Sound: Mothers able to use breastpump discreetly anywhere and without disturbing baby's sleep.

10. Safety Feature: Will automatically off after a certain time to ensure safety.

11. Optional Power Source: Adaptor, External Battery Case and USB Line Provided.

     External Battery Case: Can be connected to the breastpump motor outlet. It requires 6 pieces of  1.5 V AA Alkaline Batteries to run the breastpump motor.

     USB Line: Enables customers to connect it to a suitable 9V powerbank, or any other electrical outlets that is safe to run the breastpump motor (eg cars with USB outlet).



**CE & ROHS Certified**

**Warranty 1 Year for Motor Only : T&C for Warranty as in Warranty Card**

**This is a hygenic product, NOT REFUNDABLE on any circumstances**


Items Included:

  • 2 Horn Shaped Mouth
  • 2 Three Linking Mouth
  • 2 Rotary Union
  • 2 One way valve
  • 6 Flaps
  • 2 Storage Bottles
  • 2 Base
  • 2 Bottle Caps
  • 2 Silicon Bottle Lid
  • 1 Y-shaped hose
  • 1 Single Hose
  • 1 Host Machine (Motor)
  • 1 Adaptor
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card


  • 1 PUMPING BUSTIER (standard size)
  • 1 External Battery Case
  • 1 USB Line









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