Quinny Yezz / Zapp Travel Bag

Quinny Yezz / Zapp Travel Bag

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Country of Origin: Netherlands



This custom sized travel bag will fit snuggly over your Quinny Zapp when travelling. The Quinny Zapp is one of the smallest packing pushchairs and therefore probably one of the most likely to go abroad with you. This travelbag will protect your zapp and make it easier to transport. 

Features: -

  • Carry handle for easy transport 
  • Protects pushchair 
  • Zips for easy open/close


Fits Quinny ZAPP FLEX, Yezz, Zapp and Zapp Xtra (Zapp Xtra only frame can be packed in Travel bag). 



* Black only


Packaging Dimensions: 30cm x 11cm x 24cm

Packaging Weight: 2kg

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