Baby Food Storage

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Autumnz POSH Cooler Bag Package


This space saver cooler bag is thoughtfully designed to be flexible enough for both work and outing purposes. With the aim of all-in-one (store bottles/storage bags and breastpumps in one single cooler bag), this bag suits the needs of breastfeeding mothers who are after a compact yet sleek combo. Carry your breastmilk in style by using the 2-..


Pigeon - Feeding Dish


Uses6+ monthsDish is easy to holdSpoon clips snugly onto the inside of lid for easy storageConvenient size for feeding anytime, anywhereMashing dots for grinding foodBPA Free..


Treenie - Breastmilk & Baby Food Freezer Cubes

RM18.90 RM21.10

Feature: Ideal for preserving and freezing breastmilk and baby food. Homemade is always the best. Lids attached directly to cubes for convenience. No more missing lids! Reduce wastage by defrosting only the amount neeeded. Cubes are neatly arranged on tray, which stack easily in the freezer - space-saving. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and..


Treenie - Food Storage Container & Spoon Set


Set consist of: 3 food storage containers & 1 feeding spoon   Care instructions: Clean the containers and spoon with warm water and mild soap before first use. When heating up food in microwave, do keep the lid open at all times...


Kidsme Milk Powder Dispenser


Your little tots are the most precious ones in your life. As a parent, you try doing the best for your babies. You do not want them to be sick and cry all the time. You want them to be comfortable and at ease. You make sure that their needs are met. You are very vigilant in how they move and what they are doing. You make sure they are always safe. ..

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